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New to - Responsive touch swipe images! Images can now be flipped vertically or horizontally with a touch screen or with a swipe of the mouse.

Thingography was created to share our photographs and ideas. The objectives are simply to learn and share. Possibly to inspire others to see "things" from a new perspective or allows others to see things that they may not have the opportunity to observe. We currently have over 1000 photographs in our galleries with plans to keep growing and development as we learn and improve.

Included on our website is a large collection of CSS animation. Many of which were used as DVD video transitions or introductions for more personalized effects. Rather than file the CSS animations, we posted them here in a CSS animation gallery, again to inspire ideas in others. These CSS animations aren't well developed, they are only video snippets or possible webpage ideas.

If you like Select Color photos, check out the Select Color gallery. This select color gallery is a little different, it allows the user to isolate or filter the individual colors in each photograph.

"A Picture is worth a thousand words.... Take a moment and check us out."

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